"Miss Elly and I came 5th in our first 1* this weekend at Aldon. She felt amazing, the best she's felt in years. All down to you. Thank you so much!!!"

Hannah Freeman

"After a year off due to injury I wanted a rehabilitation program for my event horse, Beanie. Cara was recommended to me and I was instantly impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. Beanie's areas of weakness have been identified and treated progressively, sensitively and effectively. I am now ready to start some light competing with her.

Thanks not only to Cara's extensive understanding in her field of work, but her unfailing enthusiasm and reassurance even during the most trying of moments, we have kept on track and Beanie's future now looks very positive."

Ellie Timbrell

"I'm always sceptical of using new people in my yard, working mainly myself rehabilitating problem horses they can at first be a little tricky for a therapist to work with. After meeting Cara and watching her treat two of my horses I was soon put at ease. With the nervous one she was empathetic and quiet but still got the job efficiently done whilst building the mares confidence in her. For the second horse who can be extremely aggressive towards people I was keen to watch as I've had previous people lose their temper with the horse. But again Cara demonstrated nothing but calmness and amazing patience and after a while the horse soon quietened down and allowed her to work with the horse. I've always felt a fantastic improvement in the horses after their treatment through their movement and suppleness and the effects have always been long lasting, for this Cara is nothing but great value for money. She takes the time it takes and sometimes I feel guilty as to how long she will spend working on a horse. She is a fantastic asset to have working on my horses and I trust her impeccably and would recommend her to anybody for maintenance or to help with rehab work."

Leanne Evans

"Cara has been invaluable at keeping my horses at their peak performance. She is very thorough and the horses always feel more supple following her treatments."

Sam Rahmatalla
Professional Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Trainer

"Cara has been coming to treat my various horses for a couple of years now. We have a selection of breeds here ranging from a classical dressage pony who is worked in hand to a classical dressage trained Irish Draught x Appaloosa, a classical dressage trained Lipizzaner and a BSJA registered TB x Connemara who show jumps, plus 4 other horses who are youngsters just starting their training lives. The issues faced by the TB x Connemara are connected to her trying too hard and over jumping, pulling shoulder muscles and becoming tight in her neck and back and hamstrings and the Lippizaner suffers from complex stifle problems requiring constant careful rehab style work to strengthen him. Cara makes a huge difference to these horses when she visits and her dedication and care during her massage sessions is something I have not seen in other physios I have asked to come here. The other equine therapists - who were either massage therapists or McTimoney practitioners have not made any noticeable difference to my horses at all after a visit.

Cara really does make a positive improvement to my horses on every visit she makes to us and I could not recommend her skills highly enough. She is inciteful in her questions and is conscientious and thorough in her approach and always has useful suggestions for how to proceed with each horse to help the issues still further and provides good assessments of how things have been going according to how the horses feel under her expert fingers. I literally cant recommend her highly enough. With such a variety of poor quality, inadequately trained equine massage practitioners out there, she is a real "find" and should be cherished as part of any serious training team."

Jacquie Billington
Enlightened Equitation Teacher and Straightness Trainer

"If it wasn't for Cara I don't know where we would be now, probably given up on Zen. Thanks to Cara treating her for really bad muscle spasm we have a really happy horse in excellent condition. I'd be happy to recommend Cara to anybody."

Sharon and Brooke Henley

"Cara Naylor has been treating my dressage horses for about a year now and I have been so impressed with her skills that I have recommended her to all of my clients and friends. Cara is extremely knowledgeable and talented, she has a lovely way with the horses and every time she has treated any of mine I have been able to tell almost an immediate difference.

What makes Cara different from any others in this field is that she puts a lot of physical effort into her massages, therefore I can believe that her treatment actually are beneficial to the large muscles of such big animals as horses. She works relentlessly and seems to always identify the root of the problem, not just treating symptoms."

Terhi Ikonen BHSI (SM), BD List 4 judge

"I have been receiving sports massages from Cara for over three years, I find it really helps to loosen my muscles after intense training periods and relieves all aches and pains which is caused by the nature of the sport. I find her very professional and extremely skilled, I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Anna Otterwell
Former Lightweight and Super lightweight ISKA British Kickboxing champion

"Cara has been regularly treating horses for myself and my clients at Stockley Farm, a professional competition and training yard in Wiltshire. The horses Cara has treated have really benefitted from her work especially my own advanced event mare Confetti. Confetti is a very tense horse and often becomes very agitated and Cara is one of the few people who have the patience to successfully cope with her ways and treat her! Cara is incredibly thorough when working on the horses and has a genuine care and understanding of the horses and treats each one as an individual. Cara is incredibly professional and I would definitely recommend her to anyone with a horse requiring equine sports massage."

Helen Cole BHSI
Manager of Stockley Farm Equestrian and Professional Event Rider

"Otto a 16hh Dutch Warmblood Prix St George Dressage horse always benefits from a massage from Cara. He usually feels much looser and happier after she has seen him. I also find it very useful to know where he may be feeling a little tight or sore in his muscles so I can take this into account in his daily work routine."

Holly Fortin
Professional Dressage Rider

"Sky is showing significant improvement in the way she is going and the development of her muscles. Her top line is developing and her muscles are more even on both sides. She is more together in halt and the stiffness in her hind leg is considerably reduced and she is developing into a very correct outline."

Instructor of Carol Kosy

"I don't think I ever did thank you enough for the work you did on Bali. We are doing well. She is enjoying life!"

Jane Edes