Cara Naylor of Equine Angels sports massage therapy and bay horse

Sports massage therapy

Sports massage is an incredible tool for achieving effective and long-lasting musculoskeletal changes fast. I've honed my skills to be able to deliver expertly designed massages that make a noticeable difference to the horses' comfort, soft tissue health and biomechanics. I use an intelligent mix of techniques to soften, loosen, mobilise, stretch and re-educate the soft tissues.

With my wealth of experience and analytical mind I aim to get closer to the root cause of the problem, to prevent injury re-occurring and becoming wider-spread. An important part of my job is supporting the owner with equine muscle management advice in order to maintain progress between massage sessions.

Equine Angels philosophy is about giving your horse the best quality of life possible and enabling him to reach his full sporting potential.

I've always felt being a good horse person is equally as important as being a good therapist. For me, this means communicating with the horses in a quiet and sensitive way, allowing the horse to relax in my presence so I can carry out my work effectively.

I've cultivated a solid reputation as a caring and compassionate horse person who brings great physical strength and thoroughness to each massage. I consider helping horses through massage as a privileged and exciting life long journey, where everyday I'm learning and developing as a horse person and therapist.